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(no subject)

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Sep. 12th, 2007 | 02:11 pm
music: 3-9 by remioremen (1 Liter ost)

Im so excited for friday! Im gonna sleepover at PJs house! Woohoo! We might watch Ghost Train! Yay! But first I gotta get through with TE. It's ok so far. I've been studying hard... that's why. I hate the lit test though! It's super long and hard. I found grammar and math easier. I wasnt expecting that. Tomorrow is social and fil! Why did they out those two on the same day? I have to read a lot tuloy... I despise reading long things except if it interests me. I fall asleep if I read something boring. And I read super slow so it will take me until night time to finish reading 8 chapters of Noli plus the histo book, my notes and talasalitaan. 3-1, if you need the list of talasalitaan, it's in Karmina's multiply (failureperiod).

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